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Flight Radiotelephony Operators License (FRTOL)

To qualify for a flight radiotelephony operators license, also known as a FRTOL, issued by the UK CAA you must successfully complete two test; a written test and a practical test.

The radio telephony exam normally taken first is the written exam and this is followed up with the practical exam.

The flight radiotelephony written test is no different to the other technical tests you need to pass to obtain a PPL or NPPL. It is in the same multiple choice format as the tests you may have already sat and passed. The radiotelephony practical test however is a different kettle of fish entirely.

During the FRTOL practical test you will be expected to demonstrate that you understand the meaning of standard radiotelephony phraseology, and can use it correctly when transmitting radio messages to a ground radio station.

On successful completion of both tests you can apply to the CAA for the issue of your flight radiotelephony operators license. If you are a student pilot undertaking a recognised course of flying training or a qualified pilot already holding a PPL there is no additional fee for obtaining this license.