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Flight Radio Telephony Operators License FRTOL

To qualify for the flight radio telephony operators license, alias the FRTOL, issued through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) you have to pass 2 seperate radiotelephony exams. There is both a written exam and a practical or oral exam.

The exam generally taken first is the written exam and this is followed by the practical exam, which may be taken during a seperate sitting. However, there’s nothing to stop you taking the practical exam first if you so wish.

The flight radio telephony written exam is presented exactly the same as the other technical exams that you must pass to obtain a pilot’s license. It’s in the identical multiple choice format to other ground school exams you might have already taken. However, the radio telephony practical exam is something completely different entirely. In this case it’s an oral exam.

During the FRTOL practical exam you’ll be required to prove that you understand the meaning of standard radio telephony phraseology, and can use it in the correct way when sending radio transmissions to other radio stations.

Once you’ve successfully completed both of these exams you can then apply to the CAA for the issue of your flight radio telephony operators license. If you’re either a student pilot currently undertaking flying training or you already hold a pilot’s license then there’s no further charge for getting the license.